BEFORE YOU APPLY, please make sure you meet our minimum qualifications:

CELL PHONE FREE WORK ENVIRONMENT - Cell phones are not allowed. This includes all cellular devices, so smart watches also. They are not allowed so if you cannot be without it, please do not apply. Safety and Quality Service are our top priorities!

PUNCTUALITY IS REQUIRED - You must be a good team player and show up on time (early is best!) for every shift. 

PROFESSIONAL AND COURTEOUS ENVIRONMENT - Lifeguarding can be a stressful job, but we enjoy providing our customers with a highly professional and always courteous staff. You must be prepared to maintain a positive attitude, speak professionally to children and adults, and be kind to all. 

16 YEARS OLD - We give preference to applicants who are 16 and above. However, we will consider applicants who are 15 1/2. Guards under 16 will only be allowed to work with other guards on duty and may not work past 9:00pm. Work permits are required to begin work.


Do not contact us about employment for your child. We require the applicant contact us. We are looking for assertive, mature candidates that take the initiative themselves. We apologize in advance if we do not respond to your requests. 

Come have your BEST LIFEGUARD SEASON with us!


​​​​​​2024 Pay Scale

$12.00 High School (2024 graduates included) with no lifeguarding experience
$13.00 High School (2024 graduates included) with previous experience
$13.00 College, with no lifeguarding experience
$13.50 College, with previous lifeguarding experience
$13.75 College, if you work Memorial Day to Labor Day
$15.00 (and up) Pool Managers *Plus Annual Bonus*

Adults - Negotiable

Hired? Fill out these forms and bring to orientation!  W4 and I-9