Leslie James (Oklahoma Christian University)  (405) 812-8512

Rose State College (405) 733-7396

University of Oklahoma (Murray Case Sells Swim Complex) (405) 325-4837

Northwest Pool Management Lifeguard Training 

​This course is good for one season with Northwest Pool Management and is recommended for guards who have been previously certified and need to re-certify. It is not transferrable to other facilities. You must complete a CPR course prior to the lifeguard training. The course is taught by a former American RedCross Lifeguard Instructor.​

We will offer 2 courses. Course information will be posted soon! 

All lifeguards and managers must complete a lifeguard and CPR certification course at their own expense.

Already Hired? Print out and complete the attached W4 and I-9. Please bring to your lifeguard meeting in May. Note on I-9: Your completed I-9 must include a copy of your birth certificate, AND a drivers license, passport or Social Security card.

PARENTSplease do not contact us about employment for your son or daughter, we want the applicant to contact us. We want assertive, mature candidates that take the initiative themselves. We apologize in advance if we do not respond to your requests. 

2020 Paydays 

Paychecks are delivered every 2 
weeks on Fridays.

Friday, June 5th, 19th

Friday, July 3rd, 17th, 31st 

Friday, August 14th, 28th

Friday, September 11th (by mail)


​​​2020 Pay Scale

$9.00 High School (2019 graduates included) with no lifeguarding experience
$9.75 High School (2019 graduates included) with previous experience
$9.75 College, with no lifeguarding experience
$10.25 College, with previous lifeguarding experience
$10.75 College, if you work Memorial Day to Labor Day
$11.50 (and up) Pool Managers

Adults - Negotiable


Before you go any further with the application process, ask yourself these 3 questions:

1. Can I be 100% without my cell phone during my shift?

2. Can I work all the shifts assigned to me AND show up for work on time?

3. Will I always represent myself and Northwest Pool Management in a

courteous and professional manner when fulfilling my duties?

If the answer is NO to any of the above, good luck and have a great summer!

If the answer is YES to all three, please proceed to our application!